Dr. Evald Dental surgery

Dental surgeon treats serious diseases requiring surgical intervention, and has comprehensive knowledge of this field, in particular:

  • neurovascular bundles,
  • muscular tissues and mucous membrane,
  • treatment of advanced acute dental diseases,
  • teeth extraction, including complicated cases, and etc.

Advantages of our dental surgeons:

  • the highest level of professional training;
  • psycho-emotional resistance;
  • extensive practical experience.

Indications of tooth extraction:

  • teeth that may cause cysts;
  • teeth damaged by dental caries;
  • incorrectly positioned teeth;
  • third molars.

You can make an appointment at Dr.Evald clinic:
1.    By phone: +371 67 560 230, +371 22 004 040; +371 26 331 631;
2.    At the address: Riga, Brivibas street 234-75;
3.    By e-mail: info@drevald.lv

Dentistry services Dr. Evald are available not only to residents of Riga, but also to all residents of Latvia and foreign guests.