Dr. Evald Dental hygiene

Prophylaxis and dental hygiene:

For prophylaxis of dental diseases it is necessary to watch over dental care regularly, and, from time to time, not less than once per year, to attend a dentist for checking up a dental health. 

Prophylaxis and total oral hygiene:

  • The removal of supragingival and subgingival tartar by means of ultrasound or hand tools;
  • Dental plague and pigmentation removal by means of effective method “Air-flow”;
  • Flossing and teeth polishing by means of a preventative paste;
  • Teeth covering with fluoride-containing gel;
  • In case of dental hypersensitivity– teeth covering with lacquer;
  • Treatment of periodontal pockets;
  • Oral hygiene techniques.

Teeth decorations

  • Special teeth decorations that can be applied to the teeth. There are various teeth decorations available – white and stained Swarovski crystals.

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