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Prosthetic dentistry

Everybody wants to have an attractive smile. Modern prosthetic dentistry is able to offer such result to everyone. Nowadays it is hardly possible to distinguish modern dentures from natural teeth – both in appearance and functionality, and such prostheses serve many years.
Some patients are hesitant to dental treatment and dentures for several reasons: dental fear and treatment prices are often discouraging, however, the result of dental health services is worth it. Owing to modern methods, dental mechanics are able to carry out their work in short terms. Prosthetic procedures are carried out in the following cases:

  • tooth decay, in case the tooth can’t be restored by filling; DrEvald Protezēšana
  • pathological abrasion of dental enamel;
  • missing tooth (missing teeth);
  • teeth row defects (changes in bite and teeth colour).

Our clinic offers several opportunities for fitting dentures, in particular:

  • fixed dentures;
  • removable dentures;
  • crowns;
  • veneers and inlays;
  • dentures on implants.

Fixed dentures
Modern fixed dentures are fitted for a term from 5 years and don’t need regular removal. Dentists recommend them to patients with partial absence of teeth. There are several types of fixed dentures:

  • crowns;DrEvald protezēšana 2
  • inlays;
  • bridge prosthesis;
  • veneers;
  • dental implantation.

Fixed dentures are equipped with different mechanisms for fixing in the oral cavity, and are made from the following materials:

  • plastic;
  • metal-plastics;
  • metal;
  • metal- ceramics;
  • ceramics.

Crowns are fixed constructions that eliminate teeth defects and prevent their further destruction. Crowns are used to restore prior form and shape of teeth, to provide resistance to chewing loads and serve as a basis for bridge prosthesis installation.
Crowns in dental prosthetics are used in the following cases:

  • restoration of severely damaged teeth;
  • restoration of tooth’s shape and functionality;
  • alignment of crooked teeth;
  • intense abrasion of dental enamel and other problems.

Prices for crown prosthetics depend on the used materials, complexity of denture construction and installation operations.
Veneers and inlaysDrEvald Protezēšana 3
Ceramic veneers are thin plates that are fixed on the front surface of the teeth, correcting cosmetic defects.
Veneers are used in the following cases:

  • restoration of front teeth;
  • filling a gap between teeth;
  • dental enamel defects.

Dental inlays are often used in prosthetic dentistry and dental treatment. Dental inlays are individual fragments that are used to replace destroyed parts of teeth. The inlays are needed in cases when it is possible to save a tooth, but usual filling is not able to restore its prior shape. The inlays are resistant to dyes and compatible with any type of dentures.
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