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We offer the following dental services:

Preventive dentistry

Therapeutic treatment: includes dental prophylaxis and root canal treatment. If necessary, before starting treatment, a dentist will advise about dental health and oral cavity condition and work out the treatment program.

Dental injury prevention and teeth restoration are performed using composites, amalgam or ceramic fillings.

Root canal treatment is carried out in accordance with the best world standards, using the most innovative methods, that save Your time and ensure the feeling of comfort.

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric preventive dental care and oral hygiene: painless treatment in a friendly atmosphere with individual approach towards every child.

Prosthetic dentistry is aimed at dentition integrity restoration.

Dental prosthetics: Fixed dentures:

  • Veneers – porcelain dentures;
  • Metal ceramic and metal free crowns;
  • Metal ceramic and metal free bridges.

    Removable dentures:

  • Partial or full dentures;
  • Clasp dentures;
  • Soft plastic dentures without metal clasps.

Dental surgery

In dental surgery are used such treatment methods as: teeth maintenance surgery and bone tissue grafting.

In our clinic, dental surgery is engaged in various procedures in parodontics.

  • Tooth-preservation procedures;
  • Treatment of inflammatory processes;
  • Teeth extraction;
  • Treatment of oral cavity tumors;
  • Oral cavity preparation for dental prosthetics.


For prophylaxis of dental diseases it is necessary to watch over dental care regularly, and, from time to time, not less than once per year, to attend a dentist for checking up a dental health.

Prophylaxis and total oral hygiene:

  • The removal of supragingival and subgingival tartar by means of ultrasound or hand tools;
  • Dental plague and pigmentation removal by means of effective method “Air-flow”;
  • Flossing and teeth polishing by means of a preventative paste;
  • Teeth covering with fluoride-containing gel;
  • In case of dental hypersensitivity– teeth covering with lacquer;
  • Treatment of periodontal pockets;
  • Oral hygiene techniques.

Teeth whitening

There are two types of teeth whitening:

  • Teeth whitening procedure that is performed by a dentist. Whitening gel is put on Your teeth by means of a lamp. A whitening effect is already noticeable after the first procedure.
  • Domiciliary teeth whitening, that You perform Yourself. To achieve good results in whitening, it is necessary to make a mouth tray, fitting to Your teeth, inside which You should place some bleach. You may control teeth whitening frequency to achieve desired effects. In case of teeth hypersensitivity, You should stop making teeth whitening procedures and consult Your dentist.

Teeth decorations: special teeth decorations that can be applied to the teeth. There are various teeth decorations available – white and stained rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and, also, golden decorations.

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