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What is Gingivitis and how to Treat It?

Gingivitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the gums that is quite common. One of the reasons is poor oral care. In simple terms – it is a dental plaque. It accumulates along the edges of the gums, thickens and forms dental tartar, that can't be removed by usual tooth brushing. Young people and children during teething often have this problem. Older people have the next stage of gingivitis - parodontosis.
What is the solution? 

  • First of all, visit Your dentist! He will tell you how to deal with it and will make a treatment plan.
  • People, who are predisposed to gingivitis, have to attend professional oral hygiene more often.
  • It is necessary to use special pastes, ointments, gels daily.
  • It is also important to use antiseptic mouth rinse after meals. And, there are also another treatment methods*.

A Place offers to Your kind attention Spanish VITIS Gingival line. The toothpaste and mouthwashes contain the following active ingredients: Permethol - strengthens the walls of blood capillaries, reducing bleeding; B5 - protects and restores the mucous membrane of the gums; CPC chloride is effective against bacteria; Zinc lactate acts against inflammation, sensitivity and bleeding gums, it is antiseptic and reduces plaque formation; Sodium fluoride strengthens the enamel. 
For more information, please, call or email us. 

* The article is for informational purposes only. 

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