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Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод

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Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод

Неверный ввод


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Recommendations after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction it is necessary to follow the recommendations of a dentist!


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  • Spit out bitten gauze after 20 minutes, if bleeding is continuing put gauze on 20 more minutes.
  • Put cold or ice wrapped in towel on 1 hour, 10 min hold, than make 10 min break.
  • 2 hours after extraction don't eat. At day of extraction don't eat anything hot or hards, eat on the healthy side.
  • Clean your twwth 2 times a day, 1 day without toothpaste.
  • From the next day after extraction rinse your mouth with salty walter after food (teaspoon of salt on glass of water). not intensive.
  • Control your body temperature. Don't make any hot procedures (sauna, sunbathing, hot shower etc), avoid drafts.
  • Don't do any fizical activities (no gym and sports), don't do any sudden moves with your head down.
  • Don't touch injury with tongue or fingers.
  • 7 days after extraction don't drink alcohol, especially wine, beer, champagne.
  • Drink pills wich doctor directed to you.
  • Ir it was extraction of upper teeth, don't blow your nose (complicated extractions, tooth abscess, seams, cuts).
  • After 7-10 days come back to take off seams or if after 3 days  pain and puffiness didn't stop.

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